Saturday, June 20, 2009

22, 4, 1

Today Vonnie and I are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary!!!! :)

I am very excited that we have made it 22 years - and it feels like just one I SWEAR it has gone so very fast. 22 years, 4 of us now (two kiddos) and she's still my number 1!

Here is my list of top 10 reasons we have made it 22 years:

10. She did all the work - I just kept showing up!
9. What? Like anyone else would put up with me!?
8. I told her I was in line to inherit millions 22 years ago... she's very patient
7. Stimulating conversation... not with me - I give her plenty to talk about with her friends
6. Two words: Duct Tape
5. As she says - I sure beat a sharp stick in the eye
4. I do laundry - that's right ladies - feel the power!
3. My buff bod - I know I left it around here someplace...
2. Fear - If she throws me out I might leave the children behind
1. I let Mrs. Tinney pick the number one reason and she said: "Because you put up with me"

That's my humble, but mistaken, wife.... she put's up with me!


Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!!

And I say any man who does laundry is a's why Jim and I have made it 27 years!!!

You two are an awesome couple!!!! And you are both equally lucky to have each other!


Liway said...

Happy Anniversary Frank & Von!! Sooooo happy to see the blog Frank - I love your sense of Ha Ha!! :)

DoubleL said...

Congrats to you and Von!!!

Keep up the good work with the laundry 8-)

Sandra said... sweet!! Happy Anniversary.

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

Congratulations, you two!! I love that expression "beats a sharp stick in the eye"!! I used that somewhere on the message board a few weeks ago, and people were going "huh"? I totally get it!